Each Concavo wheel is inspected individually as it comes off the assembly line. Every single wheel has a 3 step finish process involved which is manually done. Therefore, all our wheels have only the highest quality standard as we do not allow any wheels that do not meet our standards to be boxed and shipped. Unfortunately, we cannot reveal our secret that makes our wheels have a finish that is so smooth and flawless. These high standards allow us to provide a Lifetime workmanship warranty and structural warranty. We are extremely confident about our product and we believe that you should enjoy your wheels to its fullest.

The Lifetime warranty is valid under the first ownership. If there is any issue with our wheels that are not misused or abused, Concavo wheels will replace your wheels free of charge. Concavo Wheels does not cover any warranty if the wheels are used for track purposes. Our lifetime structural warranty will replace any wheels that are caused by a manufacturers defect. Our dealers will be more then happy to explain the warranty in more detail, however, we are always here to assist you and will be more then happy to help any customers through their purchasing experience.

Concavo Wheels also carries $2,000,000 worth of liability insurance.