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Concavo Platinum Preferred Member is a lifetime insurance program which allows Concavo Wheels owners to have the security and comfort of knowing that if a wheel is bent or cracked based on the owners fault, they will be covered.  The purpose of Concavo Platinum is to build a program which allows all members to receive benefits and incentives for being a Concavo Wheels owner.

By joining Concavo Platinum, you will receive a membership card with a personalized number which is registered to you.  The registration process is a form that needs to be filled out at the place of purchase.  Once the registration is completed, Concavo Wheels will mail out your membership card which is usually within one weeks time.


Concavo Platinum is not only just a lifetime insurance program, it also comes with benefits.  The benefits include:

10% off all future purchases of Concavo Wheels from any authorized dealer

20% off everything available in the Concavo store
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How does the lifetime insurance work:

Its simple!  As a Concavo Platinum Member, if you bend or crack a wheel based on fault, you will contact Concavo Wheels.  At that time, you will receive a claim form to be filled out & returned.  There will be a deductible based on the size of your wheel and shipping costs will be paid by the owner both ways.  A new wheel will be given to the owner based on the Preferred Member Program.  There is a limit of 2 uses per year for life based on the original owner.  Membership is non-transferrable.  Feel comfortable and at ease while driving with the Platinum Membership!

What is not Covered?

Curb rash

Use of chemicals on the wheels

If a wheel is custom painted or modified by finish, this is not covered.


The Platinum Membership card is valid only to its original owner.  The membership is Non-Transferrable.
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Platinum Preferred Member One Time Pricing:

20”- $150

22”- $200

24”- $250

26”- $300
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Deductible Pricing:

20”- $100

22”- $150

24”- $200

26”- $250
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